Thank you so much to everyone that supported us with the launch of our first releases. Without it we would not be about to be dropping our second. 

Once our next drop is available online all our previous products will cease to remain visible so here’s a place that can be looked back upon for years to come to see our 2023 product releases



- 60MM team graffiti wheel. Packaging and wheel designed by shez designs and Mike Rampant. All Graffiti graphics on the train packaging created by aussie skating legend Tim Ward. 

-58mm BOOMBOX wheel. Packaging and wheel designed by shez designs and Mike Rampant. Cleverly packaged block of skate wax that inserts itself into the main box as a cassette tape with graphics on the wheels to represent speaker mesh.



illusive branded entry level bearings complete with posca themed packaging designed by Mike Rampant


Molded and poured in house at Rampant Skate Shop. Cassette style wax went out free with some orders, PLU T-Shirts and Team T-Shirts



our first runs of T-Shirts were all made in house at Rampant Skate Shop but we soon moved to a print on demand provider. This allowed us to offer a far greater variety of designs at a reasonable price. All hats and beanies were made locally by Phresh Prints.

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