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58MM 90A - Milks

58MM 90A - Milks

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58MM 90A - Milks

“Ditch the daily grind and hit the streets with illusive wheels”

One thing about us Aussies is we love our flavoured milk. Winter to Summer it doesn’t matter the temp, there’s nothing like throwing back a carton on sugary goodness.

With packaging that throws back to one of the best Senate wheel lines of the 90’s our 58mm wheels come complete, packaged in a stylised milk carton. 

Flat / rounded profile, perfect for a flat setup but still great for anti rocker. 90a hardness that’s perfect for street skating and concrete parks.

While stock lasts they’ll be going out with a free illusive keychain. Exclusive to our website and not available to purchase separately.

 Sold as sets of 4.

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